NUNTA Mihai si Mariana

NUNTA Mihai si Mariana

Mihai si Mariana au avut o slujba religioasa foarte frumoasa si emotionanta. Nunta lor cat si emotia traita de parintii lor le-am imortalizat in fotografiile de mai jos, pentru totdeauna. Petrecerea a continuat la salonul Aristocrat Events Halls din Bucuresti.

_DSC5506 (Large)

_DSC5513 (Large)

_DSC5578 (Large)

_DSC5588 (Large)

_DSC5602 (Large)

_DSC5606 (Large)

_DSC5630 (Large)

_DSC5634 (Large)

_DSC5637 (Large)

_DSC5647 (Large)

_DSC5653 (Large)

_DSC5672 (Large)

_DSC5680 (Large)

_DSC5689 (Large)

_DSC5694 (Large)

_DSC5701 (Large)

_DSC5704 (Large)

_DSC5712 (Large)

_DSC5714 (Large)

_DSC5717 (Large)

_DSC5724 (Large)

_DSC5728 (Large)

_DSC5731 (Large)

_DSC6119 (Large)

_DSC6157 (Large)

_DSC6162 (Large)

_DSC6390 (Large)

_DSC6398 (Large)

_DSC6533 (Large)

_DSC6565 (Large)

_DSC6572 (Large)

_DSC6684 (Large)

_DSC6692 (Large)

_DSC6766 (Large)

_DSC6772 (Large)

_DSC6779 (Large)

_DSC6783 (Large)

_DSC6792 (Large)

_DSC6820 (Large)

_DSC6822 (Large)

_DSC6843 (Large)

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